My Hero Academia Has Anime’s Worst Character


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Mineta is the worst anime character…ever.

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My Hero Academia is a great show. It has sincerity, it has heart, it has kinetic energy, amazing characterization, boundless creativity, and beyond that it’s just really, really funny. But then… there’s Mineta. He drags the whole show down! Instead of getting to see Midoriya and Asui be badasses together we had to listen to Mineta scream and cry, Yaoyorozu was dragged down to like 17th place in the Obstacle Course just so we could get a shitty pervert gag from him, and we missed the chance to get some development for Sero just to have to listen to Mineta spew some bullshit about wanting to be cool. It also sucks because he’s taking a spot in Class 1-A that could easily go to Shinso, a much more compelling character.You can’t tell me that his screen time wouldn’t be better spent on any other underserved character. Let’s spent some more time with Dabi, or check in with Mezo Shoji and his weird/gross body, give me extra scenes with Toru Hakgakure – anybody but Mineta!

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